Have you completed our Foundation course? Become a Drawing and Talking Member NOW for Expert Coaching, Supervision and Resources!

We care about the wellbeing of our practitioners and are committed to providing extensive professional development opportunities


We pride ourselves on continuously supplying members with high-level access to our team as well as gaining access to:

  • Monthly EXPERT-LED Group Supervision and Coaching Calls for your continued professional development

Each month, we provide members with bespoke group supervision and coaching to help meet the demands that are placed on practitioners delivering Drawing and Talking Therapy. Practitioners can either attend these calls live or catch up on demand.

  • EXCLUSIVE Membership Resources Area and Library

The Members Area provides a wealth of knowledge and resources which help Practitioners to deliver on best practice. This area contains all of our past supervision and coaching calls and also allows practitioners to share peer created resources.

  • Registration onto our GLOBAL Drawing and Talking Search Engine

Our Drawing and Talking Search Engine hosts hundreds of practitioners, schools and organisations to showcase them to communities locally and internationally as being able to offer Drawing and Talking Therapy.

  • Access to HUGE Discounts on further Training and Products

We are committed to ensuring that our Practitioners have access to ongoing professional development, so as part of our membership, we ensure that Practitioners have discounts onto all of our courses, programmes and benefit from our international partnerships.

  • ENHANCED Marketing Campaigns to boost the presence of Drawing and Talking Practitioners

Drawing and Talking regularly promotes the Find a Practitioner service to help boost the awareness of the platform and profiles of practitioners, schools and organisations.


Not only do you receive round the clock Peer Mentoring and Support from other leading Drawing and Talking Practitioners through our community platform…

…but you also get monthly live video coaching and accountability calls.

It’s like having your very own DEDICATED SUPPORT TEAM.

The whole goal of the Membership is to ENSURE YOUR SUCCESS delivering Drawing and Talking… AND beyond.


The first thing you will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to is our exclusive membership site which gives you, as a member, special access to ALL past coaching and supervision.


Today’s Price: Annual Subscription of £99 (incl. VAT)

We look forward to welcoming you into our Exclusive Area.

If you have any questions or require any further support regarding membership, please contact membership@drawingandtalking.com.