CID Video list

January 2020 – Staying present

Looking into what is important when running a session and what are the secondary functions.

February 2020 – Thinking symbolically

Looking for the metaphors and cliché within the drawings.

March 2020 – Elevating our Practice

What’s coming up in sessions, thinking about stages of the work, who we are being in the room.

April 2020 – Replenish

Supporting practitioners with change and creating new openings.

August 2020 – Decompression

Supporting practitioners with juggling workload and making room for decompression.

September 2020 – Adapting

Supporting practitioners with communication within new restrictions and varying rules.

October 2020 – Tough environments

Supporting practitioners with children of divorce and new parent figures.

November 2020 – Isolation

Supporting practitioners with increased caseloads.

December 2020 – Celebrations

Celebrating our achievements, practitioners reflect on triumphs.

January 2021 – Resilience

Supporting practitioners with mindset transformation.

February 2021 – Expectations

Supporting practitioners with standards and meeting client expectations.

March 2021 – Lost connections

Supporting practitioners with better communication in lockdown.

April 2021 – Containment

Supporting practitioners with holding space and specific goals.

May 2021 – Attachment

Supporting practitioners with relationship bonding between a child or young person and their primary caregiver.

June 2021 – Endings

Supporting practitioners with bereavement, loses and detachment.

July 2021 – Capacity

Round up call for the academic year and acknowledge our capacity as practitioners.

August 2021 – Shadows

What’s in the Shadows? Looking a bit deeper into the shadow archetype.

September 2021 – Polyvagal theory

How Trauma Manifests? Looking deeper into the polyvagal theory and the way we process trauma psychically.

October 2021 – Holding the Space

Enquiry into how we run sessions and how we can best hold the space.

December 2021 – Accomplishments

Things we overcame this year – sharing and acknowledgments

January 2022 – The physical responses to trauma

Beginning the exploration of the treatment of Trauma. Breaking down the Flight, Fight and Freeze response and how it impacts attachments.

February 2022 – New Openings

Exploring what has been opening up for people in sessions since January

March 2022 – The Appease Response to Trauma

An exploration into the appease response to trauma and how this plays out and what it can mean for people with this defence mechanism.

April 2022 – Perfectionism

How do we support people with perfectionism and ensure that patterns around perfectionism can be broken through?

May 2022 – Q&A

Opening up the floor to practitioners to ask any questions they have.